Breathe Freely at Home or Work

Arrange for air duct cleaning based in St. Cloud and services all of Central MN.

Older homes and commercial buildings are havens for dust and other allergens. Over time, dust builds up in ductwork, making your HVAC system less efficient and recirculating dirty air. Get the most out of your HVAC system by scheduling duct cleaning service from Air Max LLC in Rockville, Sartell, St. Cloud, MN or Central MN area.

What's included in a duct cleaning service?

Air Max's air duct cleaning is about much more than surface-level dust removal. Our duct cleaning service involves...

  • Removing dust: We'll clean years of buildup from your ducts and vents.
  • Sanitizing ductwork: Once the ducts are cleaned, we'll apply a sanitizing solution to improve air quality.
  • Inspecting the duct system design: We'll examine your building's duct system to make sure it's efficient and suited to the structure.

Schedule air duct cleaning in St. Cloud and Central MN or the nearby area by calling 320-252-5602 now.