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You need a new boiler. Who can you call to install this vital part of your home or commercial property correctly? If you're in or near St. Cloud and Central MN, trust Air Max LLC as your boiler service provider.

No matter what kind of boiler service you need-from running gas pipes to complete replacements-our team can handle it.

5 signs you need to replace your boiler

Consider getting a new boiler installation if...

  1. Your energy bill is increasing: As your unit ages, it grows less efficient. If you've noticed a spike in your bill, call Air Max ASAP.
  2. You're spending too much on repairs: The older your boiler gets, the more money you'll end up pouring into pointless repairs.
  3. You're worried about safety: Older boilers face a multitude of problems, including malfunctioning-or nonexistent-safety features.
  4. You want to improve energy efficiency: Modern boilers meet strict energy use standards, saving you money on energy expenses.
  5. You're ready to save space: Newer boilers are much smaller than older models. Free up space in your home by upgrading to a compact unit.

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